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Garden Center West

Reaching your Full Potential at Work and at Home

True North

Speaker: Kent Gordon England
Garden West Seminar Room: 7:30 a.m – 9 a.m.

Join Kent Gordon England as he shares with business owners and their staff new ideas about changing their perspective on excellence, guiding principles, culture, and innovation.

Business owners and key company leadership…

Reaching our Full Potential in everything that we do is critical for us to have a great impact on the world that we love. It is the guiding light to get us up in the morning. Vital to being more engaged in everything that we do. It gives us a reason to get moving again. To be planning for growth and innovation. It will get you connected to your staff, vendors and suppliers like never before. It is essential for all of us to reach our Full Potential. Proud of what we deliver to our clients. Proud of the lives that we lead.

In this presentation, Kent will share with you new ideas about business. About realigning your focus toward building excellence. Expanding your knowledge. Guiding principles that will develop a culture that promotes both personal and business success. A culture that promotes engagement of all who are involved with it.

These ideas…these new perspectives on life, purpose and excellence will accelerate everyone’s understanding and ability to reach their Full Potential both personally and professionally. As owners and leaders, you will breathe new life into your operations. See the difference that you will make to the world and those around you.

The time is now. Let us show you how you can begin to build your legacy through a genuine shift in perspective, values and actions. Come join us for a high energy session sure to change your success in 2023… and your life in the years to come!


After the initial presentation, there will be a follow up workshop for owners and their key leadership and staff members. Here we will translate the new perspectives gained from the morning presentation into useful and tangible Action Plans for 2023. These action plans will be the road map for personal and professional excellence for the coming year. People will become more engaged. More clear on who they are and what they are destined to do. Excited about the coming year no matter what the challenges.

These Action Plans for reaching your Full Potential are the first steps toward reigniting your business… and the professionals working within it!

Come join us as we continue to redefine the work that we have done for a lifetime!


Climate change mitigation and preparedness

Green Landscape Management Practices

By Loren McIrvin
Garden Center West: 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Our presentation will start with walking attendees through how an average landscape impacts climate change and how to make an impact tied to the health of people, the planet, and a company’s profit. We will cover how to identify opportunities on properties to reduce water usage, reduce chemical use, reduce green waste, reduce emissions, address drought preparedness, storm preparedness and carbon sequestration. The presentation is designed to cover educating ourselves, our staff and the property owners we serve in thinking about landscape design and maintenance differently.

Lighting Design: Beyond the Basics

Bryce Carnehl
Garden Center West: 11:00 a.m. to Noon

Let outdoor lighting take your business to the next level! Outdoor lighting has become very competitive, and it’s important for green industry professionals to have proper training and education to be successful. We’ll talk about advanced lighting design, new product trends and advanced control options – all of these topics will give you tips to give you a leg up on the competition!

Organic Herbicides as Alternatives to Glyphosate in the Landscape

By Karey Windbiel-Rojas
Garden Center West: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  • Why we control weeds and who is engaged in weed management
  • IPM methods for weeds
  • Understand what organic and less toxic herbicides are and how they work.
  • Learn the current research on various organic and less toxic herbicide products from multiple field trials.
  • Understand the trade-offs and other considerations (signal words, PPE, cost) when using organic herbicides in comparison to glyphosate.


Invasive Pests in California:
What Landscapers Can Do

Garden Center West: 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
By Karen Windbiel-Rojas

Invasive pests threaten California’s natural environments, agricultural production, structures, landscapes and gardens, causing billions of dollars of damage to our agricultural systems and natural areas each year. Many invasive species are of major concern in California. This presentation will cover some of the current species of concern and show you how to identify them, why invasive species are a problem, and resources to help you and your clients learn what to do.

Landscape Professionals

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Garden Center East

Landscape Water Budgets Accumulate Water Savings and Companies Profit

By Peter Estournes and Chris McNairy
Garden Center East: 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
CEUS: APLD 1.5, CANGC, QWEL 1, IA 1.5, WCISA 1.5

This seminar will explore what the State of CA is doing with regards to outdoor water use targets in the not-too-distant future.  What a landscape water budget is and how it works.  How to incorporate landscape water budgeting into a business model and the benefits in doing so. And lastly which irrigation products enhance opportunities for further savings.

  • What is California doing to encourage the use of water budgets for landscapes?
  • What is a landscape water budget?
  • Understanding principles needed to effectively manage & budget landscape water use.
  • How to accurately analyze Landscape Water Usage Data (Feedback Loop).
  • What irrigation products enhance more water savings?

How to Protect a Home from Wildfire Through Fire Smart Landscaping

By Rich Shortall
Garden Center East: 9:45 -10:45

This presentation will begin with an introduction to wildfire science with a focus on the role of embers in home destruction.   Landscape contractors can reduce the threat from embers through proper maintenance, horizontal and vertical spacing of plants, use of hardscape in landscape design, proper choice of mulches, fire resistant plant selection and removal of highly flammable plants.  Special attention must be given to the area within five feet of the home, called Zone 0.

Hungry Owl Project and Urban Owls

By Jacqueline Lewis
Garden Center East: 11 a.m. – Noon
Join Jacqueline Lewis as she informs attendees about the Hungry Owl Project and the need for urban owls to have protected places to raise their families. As landscapers and nursery professionals we can all learn about including owl boxes in our landscape plans and help extend the lives of these magnificent birds.

Did you know that a single family of Barn Owls can eat around 3,400 rodents each year? If the Barn Owl parents have more than one clutch of baby owlets,that number can even double! Barn Owls really are amazing at controlling rodents.

The mission of the Hungry Owl Project is to reduce the need for harmful pesticides and rodenticides by encouraging natural predators. Hungry Owl Project is a program of WildCare, and we help owls by providing nesting boxes, doing research and monitoring of local owl populations, maintaining of owl boxes, and educating the public about nontoxic and sustainable pest management practices.

Eco-friendly pest management

By Suzanne Bontempo
Garden Center East: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Faced with pest problems? Think before you use toxic chemicals around a home, yard, or garden. Chemicals can be harmful to water, wildlife, and even the health of kids and pets. Join Suzanne to learn how you can successfully manage pests while using alternatives that are healthier for your customers and better for the environment.

A Flair For The Mediterranean

Invaluable Plants for Low Water Use Gardens

By Nicholas Staddon
Garden Center East: 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.
CEUS: APLD 1, CANGC, QWEL 1, IA .25, WCISA 1Join Nicholas Staddon, an unabashed plant fanatic, as he navigates us through a cornucopia of regionally appropriate plants for our California gardens, both in-ground and container plantings. He says “I hear many plants people refer to the Mediterranean plant mix we grow in this part of the world.  But it’s important to remember that this group of plants can also come from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa South America, our own California and lastly the Mediterranean region itself. It really is an extra ordinary pallet of exciting plants, so rewarding.”

Staddon always has a firm eye on the environment and will suggest plants and habitat that support the wildlife struggling to live with us The design community, landscape contractors, landowners both commercial and residential have the opportunity to create gardens that support wildlife as well as plants. Rarely by the book, there will be lots to inspire you to try in your own personal space as well as the job site And speaking of books, Nicholas is an avid reader and will suggest several regional appropriate plant books to add to your collection, as well as notable trends. Something for everyone.